Rawe-Rawe Rantas, Malang-Malang Tuntas

Quest for A Better Life

Politician vs Researcher (part. 2)

Posted by pungkasali on April 21, 2009

SBY political enemy:

“ If SBY has run such effective development in bringing up the economy, why did we experience a very slow (not to say a stagnancy) unemployment reduction?”


A researcher:

“On the basis of my calculations, I can see that if the null hypotheses were true, if SBY had deployed economic measures effectively, there would be only 3 percent chance that unemployment would have decreased by an amount as small as the decrease we have observed. Because a three percent chance is a small chance, I reject the hypotheses that SBY has run the economy effectively. However I keep in mind that there is still a three percent chance that I am wrong if I reject the hypotheses”


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