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Five minutes is all I need

Posted by pungkasali on March 17, 2010

Almost every one has had an experience where a little smart move saved a lot of their time. In my case, I could solve, in just 5 minutes, a problem which has haunted me for weeks.

This is what happened earlier today.

I was building a mathematical model (yes, a model does not solely belong to a new Toyota Prius Hybrid or Cindy Crawford). Somehow, I was stuck in the beauty of its complexity. So I went to so-called “scientific journals”. It seems, however, that their publishers never give a go for it. Then I cried to Ms Super Duper Google (I think it is a single female, otherwise it would be Googuy, right?).

My fingers trembled on the keyboard and my eyes were burned on the screen. This time the Number

One search engine champion is doomed. I was trying to be a hero for not asking any one. Then it turned out, I was a loser for it is a human being, not a computer, which saved my day. And it is a beautiful heroine. That lady next door is not a model, but definitely is an expert in “mathematical models”.

Humbled, with all numbers and notations (that what a mathematical model is all about) are hanging on my face,

I knocked at her door. Then, we had an intimate discussion. As you may guess, she helped me to solve all those problems in just 5 minutes!

Why would I have spent so much of my time and energy, when I could do it even before Beethoven finishes his Moonlight Sonata? I think there is something wrong about me by putting a big trust to goggling

and ignoring a human intellectuality, not mention social life.

Probably I should improve my social skill, dealing with people around me ‘directly’, and not through electronic mail and texts media. If I have spent most of my day starring at that Dell’s 17 inch bright screen, then probably it is the moment to have some talks, chit-chats, or social rendezvous, as an ordinary human usually does. We are human after all.

Meeting friends has always its own surprises.

At the end of our discussion, she said “Please come back any times if you still have those problems”. We can expect this compliment from a goo(d)gle. But Google.., can you?

Five minutes is all I need. What is yours?

Pungkas Ali. Tuesday. 13.03.10


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