Rawe-Rawe Rantas, Malang-Malang Tuntas

Quest for A Better Life

About Me


Life is such a short dash, some say, yet interesting. I am not a good writer, but it is good to pretend to be. Now I am doing my PhD at Australian National University, Canberra.  Formally I work as a development planner ( a guy with map and pencil, I guess) in Jakarta. I like my job because it provide me with a CPR tool to survive such cruel environment – and a bit extra cents for shopping. Here I am: a food technologist (you know, biochemistry, microbiology, processing, packaging, etc) who was then drilled with decision science and engineering system and now stalking economics, social, demography and health. To be honest though, I love history the most, with  Earl Klugh at the backstage. If you really wants me: pungkas.ali@gmail.com

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