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Classroom Jokes

Posted by pungkasali on May 5, 2008

Here are some jokes I managed to collect during the session:

1. Why do men don’t study gender? Answer: Because men are more interested in sex than in gender (Pungkas)

2. An Indonesian student went to NYC and ended up in a queue before entering the Liberty Statue. Then, he saw a man, with Indonesian look, standing just in front of him. Out of curiosity, he asked the man: "Are you from Indonesia?". The man replied, " No, I am sorry. I am not from Indonesia. I am from Mesir!" (Pungkas)

3.  A student was just about to get in a bus.  Then she paid the bus ticket with a 10 dollar bill. Since the fare is only 1 dollar, the driver would give her the change and ask her " How do you like the money?" She replied promtly: "O, I like it very much"  (Risma)

4. A new student went to a campus post office to post a letter to his friend in Indonesia. The letter was not stamped, so he would like to buy one. Then, he said to the person in the office: " Excuse me, I would like to buy a franco!" (Rison)

Dear fellow, please add some more….


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